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  1. Combat Marnz

    New reaction video to this fight being signed on my channel... new to KGup so please give some constructive criticism. All appreciated 😊 subscribe! Thanks people!

  2. Thomas Goldbart

    HUGE CONDOLENCES To Justin and his family!! Cant believe what he’s been through past couple weeeks!! Give his Instagram a look if you don’t know why

  3. XZagatoX

    Putting da G in Gaethje

  4. Don Kash

    They have beef calm down Conor stans

  5. Tim D

    Justin u ducked chandler and I’m pretty sure Conor loved u getting finish by khabib

  6. Abu Aniha S3p AzG

    Justin man keep poking Conor for a money fight it will be a interesting fight. Hope Conor comes back with bang whoever he fights.

  7. Bad Dope

    Imagine Justin's leg kicks against that irish quitter.

  8. Nightmare Media

    Justin would get slept

  9. Yellowman617

    he's a fraud...when he was in tha mix for a title they brought up fighting dustin again and he said he didn't feel tha need to fight him again cus he was above him and now that he's down he wants revenge....what a clown smh....

  10. Brad Samson

    Jake paul vs charlie zelenoff 🤞

  11. Haunted Stereo

    Gaethje about to negotiate Conor into a title fight lol

  12. Arshbir Janagal

    Justin being salty? That's a fight in the making fellas. He's a sweet guy but I think he's definitely doing it for a big fight.

  13. Joel Cisneros

    Brett comes from the B Schaub school of “not letting your guests speak or finish their thoughts before cutting them off.”

  14. Nate

    Gaethje would get flattened by Conor lets make no mistake with that.

  15. Salaam Ghani

    Why won’t he box boxers????? He only wants mma guys... it’s annoying

  16. brady murphy

    Lmao Homer Simpson slurring big time

  17. Ayush Abhishek

    All Ali fighters hate Conor even if he hasn't done anything to them personally. They also wanna fight him at the same time to make money. Such lowlifes

  18. Kim Jong 69

    Of course he is. He couldn’t beat Eddie, Dustin and had the worst performance against khabib. But what do you expect from someone who associates themselves with Robert Earl Britton

  19. Prince Wheelz

    Gaethje vs Poirier for the belt then Chandler vs Oliveira the winner is the number 1 contender

  20. Wildfire

    😂 at least he's real about it, a lot of us felt the same.

  21. Ryder

    His eyes looks like Bispings

  22. Adam Jones

    I’m sure he’ll love it when the UFC do Conor Dustin 3 for the vacant belt

  23. Nestor Lugo


  24. Be Real

    What Justin said at 4:16 is facts. If Conor won this “humble Conor” wouldn’t exist, such a good point

  25. Raven

    3:19 Editor wyd lol

  26. jay

    You are a human punch bag

  27. OviFan98

    Conor living rent free in this guys head

  28. MentleGentlemen

    Watch Anthony Joshua get called out if he wins this 😂

  29. Texas Cowboyfan

    You can tell Okamoto is or was more on Team Khabib then on Team Conor😂

  30. mita

    Come on Justin, saying that nothing makes you happier than seeing another man, father, husband just makes me think your life is really sad.

  31. Mr Brhuce Banner

    I’m with him thou. If Conor fights for the title after that I won’t buy another ppv again in my life

  32. Saiyan Prince

    I loved seeing Gaethje get put to sleep by Khabib

  33. Tony Davis

    casuals in the comments keep thinking an orthodox can take out conor’ s legs lmao 💀.

  34. standupcomics

    What happened to Ariel and the bad guy ?

  35. Popaholics Collectibles

    😂 only a hater would say I loved watching conor get knocked out by a guy that knocked you out too 😂 bird man geahje

  36. Emory Holley

    Interesting I really did not think Connor was being a loud mouth or disrespectful in any way during this entire fight promotion.

  37. dinosaur king


  38. Daniel Madison

    Fighters are so salty towards McGregor LMAO

  39. ForeverCalzone II

    Lol he’s so unbelievably salty for some reason.

    1. GUAB 10

      because conor clowed him when host lost to khabib and now he clowns back you guys get angry??

  40. Cory Phaeus

    Justin speaks for the whole Planet, minus Ireland .

    1. Dean Shafi

      All of Ireland doesnt support conor man

  41. Dar The Dogge

    Jorge Masvidal: GAMEBRED Justin Gaethje: INBRED

  42. Winter Rys

    4:00 gaethje is right! I agree with gaethje

  43. Bad Dope

    A lot of people loved seing that Irish quitter getting knocked out. He deserved it for all the trash talk he has been saying for all this years.

  44. Robbie G

    Come on Justin, it's time to get that strap. 2021 is your year!

  45. Jared W. Shows

    Nice ear profile at 3:20

    1. Caleb Foster



    Gaethje got kod by Dustin and has no ground game whatsoever.......

  47. Adam scott

    shut up jasmin Conor will knock you out in 20 seconds

  48. Raul Perez

    All of you in here sound like females commentating on someone else's success yall wack seriously..

  49. james stack

    See you soon, boi - prelims

  50. Vincent G

    I loved seeing Gaethje get knocked out by Poirier and Alvarez. And getting choked out by Khabib. Some of my favorite MMA moments

  51. skumze !!

    He said they were talking to 6 people about fighting and none of them were other boxers, he’s obviously scared and knows he will lose

  52. Educate Yourself

    Justin hoping he gets that red panty night


    Without the hugging russian and the irísh quitter this división will be Lit💥🔥🚒

  54. Marcus Monkey

    This interview shows both there lack of knowledge in boxing!! MMA and boxing are two different things. And the reason Ben’s fight record doesn’t come into this is because when he was getting punched to death in the face Ben was able to grab them! Ben can’t grab him now. Ben’s only defence is to punch back! And Ben can’t punch... Jake Paul defiantly can’t fight! But because Jake is so stupid he is just going to push forward and windmilling! Ben isn’t going to know what to do and just get punched and in the face!

  55. rod.

    Wow Justin rude asf

  56. Daniel Willis

    Gaethje might literally kill Conor now.

  57. Axel_ Adams

    "My children please don't argue, i love you all equally" - Khabib

    1. Angelo Caz

      Tony is the one that didn’t get adopted by Khabib

  58. Jeremy Willett

    khabib give Mercy to Justin...

  59. Jon Mancuso

    Well I loved watching the hairlip get slept by Khabib.

  60. Daniel Wilson

    Justin with the can of dip lol.

  61. Beetlejuice

    Charles will sleep this bjj blue belt

  62. Dar The Dogge

    one of the luckiest and most overrated fighters on the roster.

  63. Jeremy Willett

    Justin the inbred gaethje lost to khabib in the quickest time ... so he shouldn't even be in the title talk... Chandler just came in and had his first fight so he should not be in the title talk... Charles Oliveira vs Dustin Poirier should be the only title match for kibitch belt if he doesn't come back for a 29 and one fight

  64. RJHRFC

    Love Justin as a fighter but love whenever he loses because he is an Ali fighter.

  65. ramza675

    So excited for this

  66. smesh time

    Justin would do the same to con man mctapper

  67. Shawn McCann

    Conor vs tony ..Dustin vs charles

  68. GoGo Frenc

    Hahaha Justin Gaethje a man after my own heart

  69. Be Real

    Justin would flatten Conor, Olivera and Chandler

  70. Zen King

    Meh connor would take you down and smesh you. D1 wrestling what a con that was.. casuals think justin would best conor cause of those leg kicks.. dustin a South pow that's why it worked this guy should fight chandlar or olivera who khabjb exposed his zero wrestling.

    1. Robin Drew

      How do you explain him winning their first fight then, if its cos Dustin's a southpaw? 😅

  71. Alek

    Loved seeing him sleep against khabib

  72. Sean Brock

    Justin is weird. Conor wasn’t even negative in this one. Idk why he’s negative towards Conor.

    1. Tristin Mikes

      Y’all didn’t have a problem when Conor was doing and saying disrespectful things. It’s a part of the fight game. Y’all some hypocrites smh

    2. Pizza Burger oder Pasta?

      Cause he has CTE lmao

    3. More Robes

      "in this one" so ? he's judging him off his past actions, it's not like just cuz Conor cuts a new promo he's a completely new person lol

    4. Woody Eighteen

      Only cause he lost. Different story if he would have won.

    5. Kaan

      Conor hates Gaethje bro wdym lmao, maybe more than Khabib

  73. Mohammad Porky Haram

    I hate this kid

  74. KraMaluse

    gaethje got brain washed by his daddy ali looool

  75. Immortality over Everything

    Hill. Billy.

  76. Josh Paul

    Imagine Justin's leg kicks on conor he would of flew away

    1. x Florio

      Conor will adjust now though. Doubt you’ll see him get calf kicked like that again

  77. Komando Exclusivo

    Use the like button if you think Ben askren gets smoked in seconds

  78. Mark McGarvey

    Just a jealous bitter man.

  79. Sex Machine

    What up justin

  80. Demail Swift

    What did Conor do to him?????