Dana White talks Conor McGregor’s return, previews the UFC in 2021 | ESPN MMA


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    UFC president Dana White sits down with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto to discuss what’s ahead for the UFC in 2021, including (6:20) Conor McGregor’s fight vs. Dustin Poirier on Jan 23. White also previews his upcoming meeting with (14:32) Khabib Nurmagomedov on Fight Island, then gives his thoughts on (18:44) Jon Jones and other stars for the upcoming 12 months.
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    1. Arshad Mohamed

      Dana white needs to change his name to Dana Red

    2. Hilario Vázquez Badillo

      Connor still the best fighter of the time Look what he did to the old man who didn't want to drink his wine !!!

    3. Waheed Abbas

      Conor is history.

    4. Waheed Abbas

      Dana laughed when Connor was dissing Khabib and now he wants him to fight again just to make money. 10 more. Obviously to make money for Dana. I hope Khabib doesn’t fight. He doesn’t need the money. He is the champ.

    5. just send me location

      3-3 in last six fights is Conor turning in to the Irish version of Artam Lobov ?

    6. naka14141414

      Haha what a nut sack

    7. Dee Noneya

      Jon Jones has more belts than khabib has fights it’s not even close jon is goat goggle how many people went 13 - 0 in ufc then google what Jones has done no one has done that

    8. thisismolloy

      King Dana

    9. Tyler Newlands

      Rose would get smashed

    10. Tyler Newlands

      Dana’s a living success story

    11. mike fergus

      Dana the new bernie Eccleston

    12. Gary Clarke

      Newzeland is opened up Dana, no masks, no social distance, it would be deserved to go to New Zealand, and show of there fighter's.... Dana you can make it be done...

      1. niduoe stre

        Brett wants that daddy Dana D

    13. bofooit gojo

      in his wetland environment.

      1. niduoe stre

        into an oak tree during mating season.

    14. John Doe

      Dana talking about making the Khabib vs Conor fight already, Dustin being done dirty 😂😂

    15. thoms jordan


    16. Cory Cybulski

      Excited for this year. Was always a casual fan but last year with everythk g shutting down I started paying more attention and getting to see different fighters. Pure competition

      1. Cory Cybulski

        @bofooit gojo fun for me to start watching a different sport soooo yeaaahhh

      2. bofooit gojo

        This looks so fun?

    17. Kiran Felix

      Mojahed wants to know your location

    18. CxProductions

      Dana is the best. Tells it how it is.

    19. JG23

      Dana’s wallet starts growing when he puts Conor on a card lol

    20. niduoe stre

      wow! super nice?

    21. G. Quick

      Dana is the man. Always good to the fans and answers all questions to the best ability without scaring the share holders. HYPE 2021-2022 Dude is a genius businessman

    22. Modesto ravelo

      Sureeee lol not what u do lol

    23. timtrfny timtrfny

      24:30 Who is Zhabit MagomedshaPiRov?

    24. Karl Danger

      After talking about the ceronne fight “this is a real fight.” Hahaha

    25. HardlineSoul

      Great to see you had Irwin Rivera's back.....:/

    26. Blakkheim

      Brett Okamoto asks really good questions.

    27. Jon P

      How can I fight in the ufc? Last time I was in the ring I got choked out and woke up covered in feces and was foaming up pre workout outta my mouth. I guess when I blacked out my bowels went limp and it was like the Hoover dam flowing mud. I did a punch test and they said my overhand right is the same energy as a full grown elk bucking his horns into an oak tree during mating season.

    28. attracted to the metal like magneto

      Brett wants that daddy Dana D

    29. Shawn Wing

      Bet you if the ufc does become the most valuable franchise in sports like Dana said they will still pay their fighters the least too

    30. Rajat Kumar

      Dana Red showed up

    31. Rishifades

      khabib looking at this fight like i smoked both of them LMAO

    32. Brandon White

      Man it is hilarious how much Dana is hoping Conor beats Dustin. He is trying to speak it into existence.

    33. Brandon White

      I think Dana might be lying about the Manny fight. Conor seems to hope/think it is going to happen.

    34. mitch goldstein

      I’m a big fan but I don’t see any depth in the talent pool

    35. Ed Ball

      conor v khabib with no fans

    36. Shawn Peterir

      Up the Irish ☘️ 🇮🇪

    37. Kaulana Keolanui

      Charles olivera punching the air RN..😭

    38. AUG A3

      7:31 - 7:37 new lines for Mojahed's animations lol

    39. David Ramsey

      Dana White is so predictable. Before you ask him a question, ask yourself which of these options will make Dana more money personally 🤣

    40. michael murillo

      Dana blushes when conor is mentioned. So, sweet it is like someone mentioning your crush.

    41. slimcoty

      Yo dana is a thumb thumb fr!

    42. 17seventySIX

      Dana said he would have an answer for us "that day". .. well, "that day" is Today.. we haven't heard anything yet.. still waiting Dana..

    43. Ptao Tom

      Omg!! U look amazing!!!?

    44. Samir Khan

      DANA RED

    45. Jeff Scott

      Its funny how he always talks like the UFC is real competition when he knows its RIGGED !!!

    46. Scott D

      "Me and everybody are always in a good place here"...such a liar and revisionist! What about the lawsuits? What about the insults between Dana and many fighters...over and over? Even though they are not my favorite, you don't see the same garbage and shady business tactics from Bellator MMA or most other MMA organizations. The only company as bad as the UFC as far as how they treat employees is BKFC. It's too bad these men think there is nothing more important than money...this is a sickness.

      1. Scott D

        @Ptao Tom Dang, Jenny...you are pretty hot...or whoever your thumbnail pic is, they are pretty hot, lol. Probably why you used the pic. Isn't the internet grand??

      2. Ptao Tom

        Very nice video...Great :)?

    47. Wakky

      Amount of times conars retires I would have a million $$$

    48. slimcoty

      Donna white needs to get with the program! We all know what's going on. Ol'knee capp head🥴

    49. InConTruth

      Fix the fight pass app. It’s sucks. It isn’t user friendly. It’s almost as bad as direct TVs app.

    50. David Keyson

      Dana all face lol

    51. Martin Traphagen

      That pink liquid in Dana's Voss water is progressively altering his skin tone

    52. Moss X186

      Dana Combatant an Chief 🇺🇸 dont you 4getit🇺🇸

    53. mike maez

      Conner can lose he already has submission. Khabib clocked him. Ankhabib using a boxer go Dustin upset. Ya they happen

    54. Teeyoubeezy

      *Helwani > Okamato*

    55. Daniel Willis

      Dana in full promotion mode.

    56. Nana Mensah

      Wow. 29 mins of Connor questions asked 50 different ways with a few others sprinkled in. We only got other fights this weekend🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    57. TFBKID02

      Dana so rich he don't care that he wearing that fresh sweater made of recycled baseballs.

    58. B H

      There is absolutely ZERO reason for Khabib to fight Conor after he destroyed him the first time. Literally dominated him the entire fight and made him tap. I’d like to see him go up to welter weight and compete for that title

    59. Jarred T

      13:02 re-re-remix-remixxxx-pyerrrrrr-pyerrrrr-py--pyerrr

    60. Amit Patel

      If Mcgregor can make more money fighting Pacquiao he should absolutely do it without question. Dana thinking Conor should stick with UFC is not surprising, he cares about his bottle line not the fighters.

    61. My balls, they itch

      Can’t wait for my boy Dustin to wipe the floor with conors face and ruin all these casual plans.

    62. Galileo Shift

      dana's influence ? i see new fight gear, shin pads ,mouth pieces boxing & mma gloves in the general public department stores....thanks to dana's passion

    63. TheMAU5SoundsLikThis

      Brett loves getting pegged by Dana on camera

    64. That Girl

      Connor is average

    65. mark Parkinson

      Dana pink

    66. Blue Banana

      12:00 question about McGregor vs Pacquiao

    67. Alex G

      dana white needs to be in podcasts not in interviews

    68. Artem Khasanov

      "So why's your face red? Man you wasted!"

    69. Code Code

      Is Dana dipping? Whats with the weird lisp?

    70. Patrick Rutherford

      Does Dana have a dip in ? Something weird about his mouth

    71. michael burns

      His redness tells it self.

    72. Afshan Tase

      If Conor defeats Dustin, Khabib vs Conor will be huge

    73. michael burns

      I love Dana's honestly besides his honesty hmm reminds me of someone🤔

    74. Redfield

      Dana Red

    75. Devo's Advocate

      The best to ever do it

    76. Scott Wilson

      Dana’s transformation into a tomato is almost complete

    77. Will Chill

      can't wait to see this fight

    78. Ajdin Mekic

      Why wouldn't you ask him about GSP v Khabib ?

    79. james2774

      I would be pissed off if Conor’s next fight will be January, 2022.

    80. Steve M.

      no question about the layoffs???!!!

    81. Melo Ali

      That Brazilian guy that broke Tony's arm would be a scary match up for Conor or Dustin.

    82. Dart Droop

      "just look at what Connor did to cowboy" I've seen every fighter highlight putting a beating to cowboy

    83. Daniel Lim

      2021: Dear ESPN, please fire Brett. Thanks!

    84. Iamthetruewalrus

      but dana it will never be the biggest sport in the world. you will never curry great favor among open society. its always gonna be cagefights. Beautiful cagefights.

    85. Inspectah deck

      Dana is close to just making a belt for conor lmao

    86. M20 Fly

      Dana White My Bollocks

    87. t4 fast

      200 million for Khabib. Then Khabib has a problem :)

    88. hypocritical cynic

      Dana? We called him, "phallus-head," in high school. (I do not know him and he was a confirmed tough guy in high school)

    89. Mitchell Williams

      Dana in it for the dollar signs like always. Kabib doesn't want to fight anymore, leave the guy alone. Just keep re forcing Connor down our throats again 😴😴😴


      didn't he assault a woman

    91. ldl1949

      Dana looks like he has a lot of health issues

    92. Andrew Brooks

      Everytime he says that Conor ... He looks scared lolll

    93. Sam Allen

      Dana overlooking Poirier is so disrespectful

    94. A O

      Dana “that division is stacked with studs” white

    95. Superman offer

      Hey ! Mere Xpression get the app

    96. A O

      Dana “i was built for 2020” white

    97. AS

      This is not dana white, this is dana pink.

    98. TheNatural1981

      Why didn't you ask him about Khabib vs GSP, the biggest fight in the world, or about anything GSP related? Come on bro.

    99. Squab Mobb

      If division is stacked with tough guys, why do Conor vs Khabib? Let the tough guys battle it out and stop fueling then Mcgregor hype train. Is he good yes, are there styles that can give him problems of course . He will never beat Khabib. Let Oliveira fight Gaethje or winner of Hooker and Chandler and set up vacant belt fight in summer. Look at Tony’s career lost because of all the Mcgregor politics and injuries. This guy takes too much time off and runs from every title defense. We need real champs that defend thrones. These title reigns with absent Champs ruin divisions. Look at HW, Francis should have fought for belt over a year ago but here we are.

    100. Lee ONeill

      Have to give it to Dana man I don't think the UFC would have stayed aloat and survived them early days when they were in heavy debt makin no money. He stayed focused on wat he believed changed the rules and structure and when he had to be ruthless he was I don't think anyone could have done the job he's done the way he's done it. The man's a pure inspiration happy 20th anniversary man